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Author: Laurence Rees, 01/11/16

Match Results. The majority of Clubs conform to Rules but unfortunately a few Clubs do not and obviously do not seem worried about possible fines being imposed. Will all Clubs please be advised that from now on ANY CLUB FAILING TO COMMUNICATE MATCH REPORTS WILL BE DEALT WITH AUTOMATICALLY AS PER RULE irrespective if this will be the first offence. To date this League has been fairly lenient and allowed 'late' results to be submitted but this will now cease. Some Clubs are starting to slip up with submitting Match Reports as per Rule 9 which states results must be submitted by Monday evening after a Saturday match. For some reason Clubs are not sending reports until Thursdays and this practise must cease. From next week, late submissions will be dealt with as per Rule 9 which will incur fines of a minimum of £20..00 (for first offence) increasing every time.

Could all Club Secretaries please ensure match results are submitted (Text or Telephone call)to the League Secretary by 5.00pm on the day of the match. The ONLY telephone number to be used as per general instructions is 07804 247007. This will assist in the scores being submitted to the newspapers. Clubs who fail to submit results by this time will prevent the scores and tables being submitted to the press and Clubs will be duly fined as per Rule 9.

Club Secretaries are also reminded to submit the Match Reports to the League Secretary as per Rule and not midway through the week. Failure to submit reports within the time permitted will result in fines being imposed as per Rule 9.

Club Secretaries are again reminded that if a match is postponed due to bad weather, the League Secretary MUST be notified by 12.00 noon as per Rule. This will allow possible reallocation of Referees who may be scheduled assessment. Clubs who fail to contact the League Secretary will be fined as per Rule 2.


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